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Michael Carson Master Trainer Celebrity Fitness Choreographer and Video and TV Host

For two and a half decades Michael has encouraged, inspired and assisted people to strive for optimal health, enthusiastically sharing his 25 years of health and wellness knowledge with elite clientele of all ages and fitness goals.
Michael continues to innovate cutting edge programming for athletes, law enforcement personnel and armed forces preparation, but specializes in creating the most athletic and balanced physique whatever your age.
Michael has created programming for: Equinox Fitness, Spectrum Fitness Clubs, Reebok, TRX, DKN-USA, BodyBlade, Body By Jake, Exercise TV, and the YMCA. Producing and choreographing the beautifying workouts, the ENVY series, The SurferGirl Workout, Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease, the Paula Abdul Cardio Cheerleading series, The Get Sexy Workouts and the soon to be released, GetGlutes.
Michael can be seen as a regular "Fitness Expert" on the ABC and CBS News, and been featured on EXTRA, Good Morning America, the Home Shopping Network, with guest expert interviews on Television radio and the internet programming. o magazines and periodicals: Vogue, Shape, SELF, Marie Claire, Fit, Fitness, The Los Angeles Times..
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Michael Carson Demonstrates The Bent Over Press

Innovating cutting edge programming for athletes, preparation for law enforcement, the armed forces as well a clientele in their 60's 70' and 80's. Michael has created programming for REEBOK, Equinox Fitness, Spectrum Fitness Clubs, TRX, DKN-USA, BodyBlade, Body By Jake, Exercise TV, and the YMCA. also developing The ENVY series, The SurferGirl Workout, Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease series and Paula Abdul Cardio Cheerleading series.

Get Sexy Workout Video with Carmen Electra and Michael Carson

Michael Carson Training Carmen Electra in the Get Sexy workout video series.
Michael is featured on Carmen Electra’s #1 selling video Fit To Strip—which he also co-hosts and has appeared in on Fit TV, Exercise TV and Body By Jake’s. 
Medicine Ball Core Based Helicopter Squat
Creator of the Medicine ball Helicopter Squat. Michael adds a finesse to this innovative exercise that works your waistline trimming the love handles, tightening and firming the glutes, hips thighs and therapeutically strengthening the lower back
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Contact Michael by email or telephone to find out more about how Michael can help you achieve your fitness goals.
Direct (310) 500-7575
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